Monday, December 05, 2005

A Mother Nose

People say that Mothers are more attuned to the needs of their babies than Fathers.

Sure, Dad's love their kids, take care of them, help provide for them. But there's no denying there is a certain bond Mom's have with their children.

Terri, for example, has a keen sense of the needs and wants of the twins that I just don't have, as much as I love them.

Terri's sense of smell for the girls is a good example.

The following is a true account of what happened this weekend:


[The scene: David is sitting on the couch with Caroline, watching a football game.]


David: Whew! Baby, did you fart?

[David checks diaper. Nothing.]

David: All clean!

[Caroline grimaces]

Faaart! Faart! Faart!

David: Wow, baby, what did you eat for lunch?

[David keeps watching the football game.]

[Terri walks into the room. She's at least 15 feet from David and Caroline.]

Terri: What's that smell? Did Caroline poop?

David: No, I just checked her diaper. She's fine. She's just farting.

Terri: Are you sure? I smell something.

David: I don't smell anything.

[Note: David is HOLDING Caroline. Terri is still a good 10 feet away.]

Terri: Baby, did you poop?

[Caroline looks up at Terri and smiles]

[Terri smells diaper.]

Terri: She did poop, can't you smell it?

David: No, she smells fine.

[David goes and checks Caroline's diaper in the changing room.]

David: All be darned! Hey, Terri! Caroline took a HUGE poop!

Terri: [Tactfully says nothing to ignorant husband.]

Mommy & The Girls
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Mommy & Katherine
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Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

Agreed. Sometimes I wish I was less in tune with their smells.

Gene said...

The phantom poop- it gets me every time.

Amy75 said...

It's good to know it's just your sense of smell, and not that you were playing ignorant so you wouldn't have to change the diaper :) The pictures are so cute! Also, home remodel looks like it's coming along nicely, can't wait to see it! I hope you're building a nice guest room for foreign visitors : )