Friday, January 27, 2006

Daycare Friends

I had an interesting discussion with a work colleague yesterday. She and another colleague are getting married in the near future, and while talking about their future plans for children, she remarked that she would never want her kids in daycare, and was horrified at the prospect of having to put her future babies into daycare. She thought it was just to horrible to contemplate!

I found her remarks funny, and those of use around the table who had kids in daycare (about four of us), gave her no end of grief for her comments.

As you know, Katherine and Caroline are in daycare. There are many reasons why Terri and I are happy with the situation:

1) We have no choice. We live in a part of California where we do not have the luxury of being a single-income household. Not if we want to pay the mortgage and eat dinner every night!

2) Terri and I both enjoy our careers. We are parents first, of course, but we both really enjoy our jobs. I could conveivably make more money doing another line of work, but I just have too much fun at my job. And Terri loves her work, as well, and is not ready to give it up full-time (as it is, she's cut down to part-time, so she spends two days a week with the girls, allowing them to go to daycare only part-time).

3) Daycare is fun for the girls. They love to look around, watch the other babies, and are always happy when we drop them off and pick them up. They even have friends, like their friend Sophie, shown here:

Caroline, Sophie, and Katherine at DayCare

4) The girls are getting "exposed." I'm no doctor, but I believe that having the girls exposed to a less than sterile environment will ultimately help them in the long run. Sure, they will have a few more sniffles, colds, and coughs, but in the long run, it will help build up their immunity.


Amy75 said...

As a childless married person, I feel like I have the authority to say that people in my position are clueless about what it’s like to have kids, let alone twins! Years ago I used to give my older sister, a mother of three, parenting advice. She shut me up quickly by having me babysit. I could barely make it three hours. And you may not be a doctor, but Terri's pretty close and if she thinks it’s a good idea, then it is! Plus, if they end up being maladjusted adults, you are a D.A. and can get them off the hook :)

Amy said...

In response to your stated reasons:

(2.)amen (although I probably WOULD choose to stay home for two more years if I could--but would ultimately want to return to work),
(3.)amen, and
(4.)amen (True, they probably will be more sick NOW, but children who never go to daycare usually just spend their first year or two of school sick.)

We are not there yet, since I am fortunate enough to work in a career that allowed me to take a 1-year sabbatical, but we will be starting them in August.