Saturday, January 28, 2006

Their lungs are healthy.

True story:

I picked up the girls from daycare yesterday (Friday) afternoon at their normal time. Got them into their car seats and out into the car.

We had been blessed in that our girls like riding in cars. They usually either fall asleep or sit quietly and look out the window.

Note the use of the word, "had been".

I get on the bridge that separates daycare from home, when suddenly, out of the blue, Katherine screams.




I almost fishtail the car as I snap my head around, convinced Katherine's wrapped a body part in her seat strap, or had her blanket cover her mouth and she can't breathe.

As I turn to look at her (still driving the car, mind you), I check on Katherine.

She laughs.


Then she screams again, and laughs, just to show me what she can do.

Gone forever are the days of peaceful, quiet drives with my girls.

But at least I know her lungs are healthy!

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