Friday, February 17, 2006


Katherine has been on the verge of crawling for several weeks now.

For at least the last two months, she's been able to roll over at will, get her butt in the air, and move short distances, but nothing that could really be called crawling.

Until tonight.

However, when it happened, it wasn't the Hallmark moment you see on T.V.

On T.V. when a baby crawls for the first time, they are gleefully crawling towards mommy or daddy, while the other parent videotapes the historic moment.

In Katherine's case, Terri and I had been encouraging her to crawl toward us for a few weeks now, but she's never shown much interest in crawling towards us.

I guess she figures, "Why crawl towards them when they'll just come pick me up?"

Tonight, Katherine crawled, but not towards me. I was sitting and holding Caroline.

Terri, unfortunately, was working.

Katherine was on her stomach, looking around. I saw her fixate on an object a short ways from her.

It was a Costco water bottle.

The allure of the Costco water bottle!
(click on photo for larger view)

When I'm watching the girls in their bedroom, I always take a bottle of water into the room with me, and set it on the floor by the dresser drawer.

Tonight, for whatever reason, Katherine locked onto the bottle.

However, she was a good three feet from the bottle.

Without any advanced warning of what she was going to do, she began to crawl towards the bottle.

It wasn't the smoothest crawling I've ever seen, and it was punctuated with quite a bit of grunting, small cries, and not a little drooling, but slowly and methodically, Katherine used her arms, feet, and knees to "soldier crawl" on her belly over to the water bottle.

Once she got to the water bottle, she proceeded to play with it.

Of course, being excited by seeing my eldest daughter crawl, and wanting to make sure it wasn't a fluke, I did what any good father would do.

I took the bottle away from Katherine.

Then I grabbed my video camera, placed the bottle a few feet from Katherine, and filmed her crawling once more.

This time, I let Katherine keep the bottle!

Click here to watch the video described above. (Must have Windows Media Player)

Katherine: Won't crawl to Mommy or Daddy, but gotta love that water bottle!
(click on photo for larger view)


Amy75 said...

Poor Katherine. David, babies need water. You really make your kids work for things over at the Lim house. I can tell by the photo that they barely have the necessities of life. For example, I only see 12 toys in this picture and three blankets :) In all seriousness, this is very exciting news! I think you did the right thing by restaging it so you have it on video! She’ll need it someday for her wedding video montage. I know, I’m really rushing ahead here! Sorry, let’s relish each milestone day by day. There are plenty more to come for both girls!

Gene said...

This is like the flag raising at Iwo Jima (having to redo it for the cameras) only more important! Congratulations to you and the girls!

Amy said...

Gotta love the military crawl. I swear Baylee can do it as fast as I can walk.

Oh, and the pictures are beautiful. I can't get over that curly hair!

liz.mccarthy said...

Oh I love your story about the first crawl. Made me giggle about the water bottle.....
Liz M (fellow californian) for my surviving twin blog