Monday, February 13, 2006

Sibling Rivalries

The girls are becoming so much fun. They each have a personality uniquely their own.

They are also starting to become more aware of one another, and are definitely interacting -- in some ways good, and in some ways not so good.

This photo is a great example:

Sibling Rivalries
(click on photo for larger view)

First, notice that the photo is blurry. I was laughing so hard when I took this photo, my hands were shaking.

As you can see, Caroline is crying -- Katherine is laughing.

Now, notice that each is holding a toy. Caroline is holding a set of plastic rings. Katherine is holding a "Whoozit". The Whoozit is one of the girls' favorite toys.

Now, some background to this story, to understand the context of what this has to do with emerging personalities and sibling rivalries.

In the minutes preceding this photo, I had moved the girls to their high chairs in preparation for the noon feeding. I move the girls one at a time, and then give them a toy to play with while I prepare their bottles and cereal.

I moved Caroline first, and gave her a toy. Then I sat Katherine in her seat, gave her a toy, then went to the kitchen to prepare their food.

From the kitchen, I can keep an eye on the girls, but obviously my attention is focused on getting their food ready.

Thus, I didn't really look closely when I heard Caroline start crying. I glanced over, to be sure, to make sure she wasn't sliding out of her seat, but she seemed fine, so I kept on preparing their bottles. Beside, it's not unusual for one or both of the girls to cry a bit when they are impatient for their food.

Caroline kept crying, so I worked faster to get their food ready.

Finally, I had their bottles ready, and so I moved over to the girls.

As I pulled up my chair next to them, Caroline kept crying. That was strange, because usually the site of their food sets her laughing and smiling.

That's when I looked closer.

I saw what you see in the above photo.

Then it hit me.

I had given Caroline the Whoozit. Katherine had gotten the plastic rings.

I looked at Katherine, who was now holding the Whoozit. She smiled, laughed, and sucked on the arm of the Whoozit.

That's when it hit me -- Katherine had taken the Whoozit from Caroline, and dumped the crappy plastic rings with Caroline!

Caroline continued to cry with indignation.

I know I may not have done what the parenting books suggest you do, but first I laughed until I cried, and then I took the above photo.

When the kids are older, I will discipline such sibling rivalries. But for now, I will keep on laughing!


Amy75 said...

I'm getting closer and closer to calling child services each day . . . Seriously though, it is funny and a few tears is a small price to pay for the joy the picture has brought all of us :)

Amy said...

I love it! Queen Baylee takes everything from her brother, but he is just so laid back about it. I am sure that will end soon.