Wednesday, February 15, 2006

New Seats, New Rides

As adults, we're lucky to get a new car every eight years or so. For babies, the wait for a new ride is much quicker.

At the six month check up of Katherine and Caroline, the doctor had some news for us.

"The girls are getting longer," she noted. "You'll need to start thinking about getting them out of their car seat carriers and into a new car seat."

The girls in their soon to be obsolete car seats in October
(click on photo for larger view)

When the girls were born, they barely fit into their car seats. Now we need to think about getting them new car seats? Time sure does fly. Soon we'll be shopping for cars with the girls!

Terri is handling the search for a new car seat. Meanwhile, I'm busy playing with something that I've been impatient to put the girls into since they were born -- the double jogging stroller.

I've always enjoyed running, so I've been eager to share my love of running with the girls.

The weekend after the girls were cleared for a new car seat, I strapped them into the jogging stroller and took them for a quick spin around the block.

The girls, not sharing Daddy's excitement, promptly fell asleep!

The next day, however, I took them out to one of my favorite paved running trails.

I started off slow -- walking, not running. The girls seemed to enjoy it.

Katherine especially kept looking around. Up at the trees, at the other people that we passed on the trail, even at a small stream besides the side of the trail.

Caroline also looked around, but was content to chew on the safety strap holding her securely in her seat!

I walked the girls two miles up the trail, then turned around and came back. The last mile, I decided to run, just to see how thy reacted.

Again, the girls didn't share my excitement in the moment -- they were sound asleep when I reached the car!

Running with Daddy
(click on photo for larger view)


Amy75 said...

The picture of the girls in the jogging stroller may be the cutest thing I've ever seen (shhh, don't tell my cat!) How do you get any running in?!? I'm sure people are stopping you all the time to tell you how adorable you all look!

Amy said...

I've got one of those that I've been waiting to test. I was waiting on them to be big enough, now I'm waiting on it to be warm enough. I hope mine will sleep, too.