Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Tortoise and the Hare

"Slow and Steady Wins the Race"
- Aesops Fables

In our house, we have a Tortoise and a Hare.

The first time I saw the Tortoise and the Hare racing in our house, I was sitting on the floor in the girls room, watching them play.

I try to give them "alone" time where I watch them, but stay out of their way. The baby books say it's a good way to help babies develop independence. I think it's a great excuse for Daddy to slack off a bit -- but I digress.

The girls were playing with these little colored plastic balls -- the ones that come with this "Pound-a-Ball toy:

The little plastic balls are perfect for the girls because they can grip them in their hands but still crawl around while holding them.

However, instead of using the balls as intended -- to pound into the toy with a hammer, the girls have developed their own game of holding the balls, crawling into the hallway just outside their room, and then banging the balls onto our hardwood floors in the hallways, creating large echos throughout the house, and no end of laughter from the girls.

On this particular day, however, the ball slipped out of Caroline's hands and went rolling down the hallway.

Both girls immediately gave chase.

It was then I realized that the Tortoise and the Hare were channeling through my girls.



Katherine moved down the hallway as she always has crawled -- on her stomach.

Katherine crawls on her stomach.

She has never moved on her hands and knees.

Instead, she crawls by lifting her little butt into the air, then pushing off with both feet, like a caterpillar.

What is funny is that she started crawling a good month earlier than Caroline, but never saw the need to get up onto her knees.

It's a slow, deliberate pace, but it gets her where she's going.

The Tortoise
(click on photo for larger view)



Caroline is the hare.

She waited a full month longer than her sister to begin crawling, but once she got up and moved, she really moved!

Caroline crawls on her hands and knees, and once she makes up her mind to go somewhere, no one and nothing will stand in her way.

(click on photo for larger view)


On this day, as both girls raced down the hall, there was no doubt who was going to win the race.

Katherine moved slowly and steadily, but she was no match for Caroline, who zipped past the Tortoise and cruised up to the plastic ball a good body-length ahead of Katherine.

Luckily, Katherine is an easy-going baby, and didn't seem to mind being beaten to the toy.

I, of course, laughed until I cried.

Since that day, I've seen the race replayed numerous times, and Caroline always beats Katherine to whatever toy they are racing to.

Lest you think that Katherine is developing a complex, however, you should know that Caroline's grip is not as good as Katherine's, so although Caroline will beat Katherine to the toy, she will often have trouble grasping the toy, allowing Katherine time to close the gap, and snatch the toy out from under Caroline's nose.

I keep trying to catch one of these races on video, but haven't had any luck yet. But it is fun to watch!


Amy75 said...

Pleasssseeee! I need video! It sounds hilarious.

CINDY said...

hope you get the video of "the race" soon. Before you can "turn around", they won't be doing it anymore. They'll be on to another wonderful sweet something. But by writing about "the race", it will live in your memory forever. :^)