Sunday, September 10, 2006

Caroline the Fearless

It is amazing how the girls continue to develop unique personalities, even though they are twins. People expect them to be the same, and I admit I was one of them before they were born. But each day they prove that they are entirely different little girls.

Caroline is fearless. She will walk into a dark room in a strange house just to see what's there. She loves to climb, to grab, to push -- you name it, she'll do it.

Katherine is not afraid, but she is much more cautious. When she sees a dark room, for example, she will come find Mommy or Daddy and take them by the hand and cautiously lead them into the room.

As evidence of Caroline's fearlessness, I present to you the following photo story:

First, in this photo, I caught Caroline trying to squeeze between our coffee table and the wall, after we placed the coffee table as a barrier to prevent the girls from reaching a section of our bedroom. In this photo, she has conveniently gotten STUCK between the table and the wall. True to her fearless nature, she does not cry out immediately, but continues to grunt, and pull, and struggle for a good five minutes, until . . .

(click on photo for larger view)

. . . in this photo, she is admitting defeat, and yelling at me to put down the camera and "COME RESCUE ME!"

(click on photo for larger view)

Finally, in this photo, you have an example of Caroline the Fearless stuck in our laundry basket. She climbs in, but hasn't figured out how to climb out. Rather than cry for help, however, she'll just sit there for a LONG time with that look on her face that pretends, "I could get out if I want to, but I don't, so THERE!"

(click on photo for larger view)

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Marine Wife said...

Just curious... is Caroline the younger twin? Just wondering if the birth order theories hold with twins. Because she sounds a LOT like my younger daughter!