Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Climbing Furniture & Harry Potter

Silliness has prevailed in the Lim household the last two nights, much as it does many nights with our two girls.

First, Caroline learned to climb into our recliner chair two nights ago -- her first official climb into furniture. It's no surprise, of course, that Caroline the Fearless would be the first to climb furniture.

Once in the chair, Caroline spent the remainder of the night climbing in and out of the chair. The climbing out we need to work on -- she still insists on trying to dive head first out of the chair.

Caroline the Fearless Climbs Her First Piece of Furniture(click on photo for larger view)

Success!(click on photo for larger view)

Then tonight, Katherine found these Harry Potter glasses I received at the midnight book debut of the last Harry Potter book. Somehow, the glasses were at the bottom of a toy basket, and Katherine found them.

We put them on her, thinking she'd rip them off. Turns out she loves wearing them, and carried them around for a good part of the night asking us to put them on her after they'd fall off (her nose isn't big enough to hold up the glasses!).

I can't wait until the girls are old enough for me to read Harry Potter to them, they are great books.

Harry Potter Must Not Return to Hogwarts!(click on photo for larger view)

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Amy75 said...

at least we know that katherine looks good in glasses, just in case she needs them later : ) adorable!