Sunday, September 10, 2006

First Word

This is big news, so no preamble necessary:

Katherine said her first word this weekend.

It happened on Saturday morning, just as the household was waking up.

Now, the girls have been saying "Ma ma" and "Da Da" for some time now. However, since they are as likely to call the refrigerator "Ma ma" or the car "Da da", we are not officially calling those phrases their first words.

And for a while now, the girls have been using the proper inflections on certain exclamations. "Uh-oh" has been around for a while.

But Saturday morning was the first official, "no doubt about it" word from Miss Katherine.

Katherine and I were laying on the couch in the living room. She was looking out of our patio door at our cat Tabby, who was sitting by the door waiting for her food.

I remarked to Katherine as I have for the past few months, "Look, Katherine, it's your kitty cat, Tabby."

Katherine replied, "Kee Ka!"

Not sure I heard right, I asked her, "What did you say?"

Katherine obligingly repeated, "Kee Ka!"

For the rest of the weekend, she would seek out Tabby any time she saw her outside, and would alternately call her "Da da!" or "Kee Ka!"

In hindsight, it's no surprise that kitty cat is her first word. Katherine LOVES looking at Tabby, and Tabby seems equally interested in Katherine.

Congrats to our little girl on her first official "word". I sure the flood gates are open now!

Katherine with her "Kee Ka" Tabby(click on photo for larger view)


Anonymous said...

My kids also said (in this order)

1) Da-da
2) uh-oh
3) kitty cat
4) Ma-ma

Come on! Kitty cat before Mama? At least you were before the cat.

Anonymous said...

(I think #5 was "Elmo" so be on the lookout.)

Amy75 said...

That's weird. When Fred and I were over Katherine was speaking full sentences in French and calling Fred "Da-da". Hmmmm . . .